Sunday, April 22, 2012

Letting Go - review

*We grabbed the book as a freebie in the Kindle store.  It may or may NOT still be free.  Please check before buying!

From Jenny:  Wow, this one packed a punch.  It follows a woman as she loses her father and then hits the road.  She ends up in Canada and that's where the story grows and ends.  It's a quick read, very quick... almost sad to see it end.  (And a little annoyed that it ended in the middle of my Kindle...)  All in all, if it's free or under a dollar, I'd buy it.

From Kyle  I'll back up Jenny on this one... as a guy, it was terribly sad to read this.  I felt for the woman's husband, who don't know much about.  Unlike Jenny, I'm annoyed that it ended at 43% on the Kindle.  Because it was free, I'm okay with it... but if I paid $0.99 for it and had that happen, I would return it.